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Specializing in a unique blend of psychotherapy and financial counseling for individuals and couples in all stages of development


We are products of environment, experience and relationship. Along the way, we have gathered deeply internalized beliefs, some that serve our growth and wellbeing, some that don’t, emotions, both positive and negative, and chronic stress or trauma.  All of this has impacted our life and much of what has happened in the past still resides deeply in our body, manifesting as behavioral, relational or emotional struggles, often unexplained and sometimes inexplicable.  

How can I help you?  One of the greatest challenges we face, as we enter psycho-therapy, is uncovering and addressing the deeper emotional wounds and trauma that are manifesting in our lives as depression, anxiety, ADHD and behavioral problems such as substance abuse, relationship conflicts, over-eating, and many more.  Our minds and bodies developed these coping mechanisms to protect us from the pain of these difficult emotions.  Meditation and "mindfulness" techniques allow us to shift our awareness to what's happening internally and, as we develop this awareness and allow space for these hidden emotions to surface, to begin to process and release the unwanted energy and emotion.  By cultivating a non-judgmental attitude, which is key to mindfulness, we develop the confidence and courage to complete this difficult work while simultaneously developing life-long skills of relaxation and embodiment.



As a longtime meditator and yoga practitioner, I offer support for clients looking to deepen their spiritual practice.  Many people hear about the numerous benefits of meditation and "mindfulness" practices but aren't sure where to begin.  There are many spiritual paths we can be called to and we must have the courage and commitment to consistently utilize mindfulness techniques and work to allow space for them in our lives.  I believe these practices are a powerful tool for experiencing the many benefits of a deeper spiritual connection.  That said, we live in a world that is increasingly interconnected, overstimulating and stressful; shifting away from the activity, obsessive thinking and "wanting" can be difficult but ultimately extremely rewarding.  


My practice draws on a lifelong interest in Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy, 5 years of intensive practice as part of the Windhorse Zen Community, five plus years of Kundalini Yoga practice, and training as yoga teacher.  My years of practice have been transformative as they have taught me to feel grounded in the present moment, to experience the benefits of a long-term commitment to spiritual practice, and to understand and accept that life will always provide us what we need, although it may be nothing like what we expected.  I have dealt with many difficult experiences as my practice has deepened; however, over time, I have learned that the only way forward in my journey is being open to, and accepting of, whatever challenges I face.  


I look forward to supporting you in your journey!  

Finance/Life Planning
Finance/Life Planning

My unique path includes being a pioneer in the field of Financial Therapy - a new and growing profession which strives to integrate a client’s development of both emotional and financial health. Professionals with training in both areas evaluate a client’s needs and utilize a range of techniques based on experiential therapy, financial planning, dialogue, communication, and behavior change to improve the client’s financial and emotional health.  Integration of these two fields allows clients to progress exponentially faster than working on financial and personal growth separately.

As a psychotherapist formally trained as a financial planner and having a deep appreciation for money psychology, I offer a unique set of skills.  My practical approach to financial counseling involves clarifying life and financial goals, understanding current spending and saving practices, addressing any psychological and emotional blocks and developing a concrete financial plan and monitoring program.  My approach is always tailored to best suit clients needs' and interests.

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