The longest journey is from the head to the heart...

-Native American Elder, Channupa Ceremony, North Dakota, 2016


About Me

Yogi, healer, outdoorsman, life partner, parent...I am very grateful for the many opportunities my life has presented.  From the Patagonian wilderness to the Buddhist Zendo and the dorms of a southern boys boarding school, I've been blessed with challenge, heartache, insight, a deep calling to a higher consciousness and to live a simple, purposeful life.  Comfortable in the wilderness, laying out framing for a deck and discussing the intricacies of financial, planning - I am always working to achieve balance through independence, connection and spiritual practice.  As a healer, I first seek to deeply understand and comprehend my clients' strengths and struggles, as through a mutual understanding, support and compassion, we most effectively work together to build a stronger, more resilient and peaceful you.


ATelehealth practice for North Carolina residents 

specializing in a unique blend of psychotherapy and financial counseling for individuals and couples in all stages of development.


We are products of our environment, experiences and relationships. Along the way, we have gathered deeply internalized beliefs - some that serve our growth and wellbeing, some that don’t - emotions, both positive and negative, and chronic stress or trauma.  All of this has impacted our life and much of what has happened in the past still resides deeply in our body, manifesting as behavioral, relational or emotional struggles, often unexplained and sometimes inexplicable.  


One of the greatest challenges we face, as we enter psycho-therapy, is uncovering and addressing the deeper emotional wounds and trauma that are manifesting in our lives as depression, anxiety, ADHD and behavioral problems such as substance abuse, relationship conflicts, over-eating, and many more.   As a longtime meditator and yoga practitioner, I offer insight in to how to incorporate these techniques into healing and to support clients looking to deepen their spiritual practice.    

Finance / Life Planning

I work to integrate all aspects of a person’s life – emotional, spiritual, relational, and financial into therapy.  My training as a financial planner has been a great asset as it allows me to offer two services and simultaneously address practical financial concerns in the context of the deeper work involved in psychotherapy.  I strive to offer the most integrated, holistic approach possible.  Addressing financial and careers goals in tandem with traditional psychotherapeutic concerns allows my clients to maximize use of their time and see more immediate return on the investment. 


Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Edward B. Kizer, LCMHC, LCAS

PO Box 211 

Penrose, NC. 28766


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